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"To improve & save lives by delivering on the promise of conformationally stable immunogens and creating a new generation of safe and effective subunit vaccines that protect against harmful and life-threatening diseases" 

Dr. Christopher Marshall, Calder Biosciences, Founder & CEO

Immunogen Design

The vaccine immunogens we generate are designed to hold the same shape as they do on the surface of the virus, and antibodies elicited by vaccination then recognize and neutralize the pathogen.  Calder has a favorable risk/reward profile because we do not perform de novo discovery, but rather engineer solutions to well-characterized problems that are uniquely addressable with our 3D-Vaxlock™ technology.

3D-Vaxlock - Our Platform

Our targeted 3D-Vaxlock™ technology is robust and versatile and we are able to quickly design and generate vaccine candidates with significant commercial potential and with proprietary composition of matter IP.

Calder leverages the specificities of the natural dityrosine crosslinking reaction and is thereby able to target minimally modifying, covalent crosslinks into subunit vaccine immunogens. The technology combines structure-based design with a bioprocess that catalyzes the crosslinking reaction and otherwise preserves the structural integrity of the immunogen.  Because the technology is applied to natural tyrosine sidechains after the protein is folded, it is compatible with standard bio-manufacturing expression systems and processes.

Our 3D-Vaxlock™ engineered, protein-based immunogens elicit enhanced-quality antibody responses, resulting in greater safety and efficacy.  Our locked immunogens also have improved  thermostability and shelf lives, and reduced cold chain requirements. Therefore, Calder's vaccines have lower cost of goods (lower doses), reduced distribution costs, and less spoilage, and can therefore more easily be distributed globally.

Our Platform
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