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Director, Downstream Process Design & Development

Director, Downstream Process Design & Development in Brooklyn, NY

Position Responsibilities:

  • Process development activities of proprietary downstream protein modification technology & downstream purification methods that will enable cGMP manufacture of vaccine material.

  • Immunogen & experimental design, generate amino acid substitutions via molecular biological methods, generate expression vectors, make & test mutant proteins that enable the two-step production methods of influenza Headless HA-based universal flu vaccine product & other pipeline products.

  • Provide scientific leadership & project mgt for multiple protein purification process development (including chromatography, filtration, & viral inactivation), scale-up & technology transfer.

  • Serve as subject matter expert & provide technical expertise to process troubleshooting.

  • Design & optimize CHO cell culture, including growth medium & other parameters for scaling.

  • Upstream processing of immunogens incl tangential flow filtration.

  • Antigenic analysis, including enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays and/or surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based methods.

  • Report & present R&D plans & results to management.

  • Manage research & development programs & staff.



Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science, Biotechnology or related major, 48 mons work exp as Research Associate or Research Scientist in preclinical & process development of vaccine program or related incl 48 mons research work exp in upstream & downstream process development with molecular biology techniques & skills of cloning, DNA mutagenesis & manipulation, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), mammalian tissue culture, recombinant subunit vaccine protein expression, purification, downstream protein modification, protein stabilization, resin screening, different chromatography methods, column packing, viral clearance, process development, tech transfer, protein quantification & analysis.



  • $121,100-$124,800/yr + employee benefit plan.


Mail resume to:

Calder Biosciences Inc.

Attn: Christopher Marshall

140 58th St. Bldg. A, Unit 8J

Brooklyn NY 11220 EOE

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